Former furniture factory from Romania for sale

Former furniture factory for sale in Pascani Romania, only the land and buildings without any equipment.

The total land of the facility is 43500 sqm, from this on 18000 sqm there are buildings of any kind. There is an office building of 200 sqm with 2 levels, production halls of 12000 sqm, other building that in the past have the roll of warehouses, drying spaces in a total of 5800 sqm.

In all the production halls there is concrete on the ground, the medium height of the halls is at 4 meters.

In the former factory there is a railway with concrete platform for loading and unloading.

The installed power is 1200 KW and the electrical transforming point is inside this industrial property

The building were built in the early 80’s and have all the necessary utilities: water,

Some geographical data regarding this property: distance from Moldavian border 130 km, distance from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, 372 km, bigest cities nearby are Iasi(300000 inhabitants) at 70 km, Bacau(170000 inhabitants) at 85 km.

Pascani, the city where this factory is located is one of the biggest railway station in Romania, with a population of 33000 inhabitants.

PRICE: 750.000 EUR

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