Industrial property for sale in Romania

We have on sale in Romania a property that is ideal for opening a warehouse, a production facility or a big showroom.

It is a Former Factory near Comanesti town, approximately 200 km from the Moldavian border and 300 km from Bucharest, connected by good roads to both Moldavia and Bucharest.

The property consists of:

1/ 49.200 sqm land

2/ 10.000 sqm industrial hall

3/ 1.600 sqm warehouses

4/ 2.200 sqm office building

The total surface of 49.201 sqm of land is situated at the entrance to Comanesti town with 3 approach roads, being 100 m away from DN12 Bacau – Brasov national road and 50 km away from E85 European road.

The 10.000 sqm industrial hall is 10 m high on average, and concrete paved.

4 Warehouses of 400 sqm each, with a total surface of 1.600 sqm, with concrete pavement.

The 3-level office building, 740 sqm per level, includes:

–          12 offices / level

–          conference center (cafeteria) of 600 sqm

–          3 fully equipped residential rooms, with wood flooring

–          7 bathrooms

All the buildings were built in the early ‘70s.

Comanesti is a town of 24.000 inhabitants; the nearest airport is in Bacau city, approximately 55 km away.

The main cities/towns nearby are Bacau (175.000 inhabitants), Piatra Neamt (106.000 inhabitants), Focsani (98.000 inhabitants).

The railroad is 150 m away from the property and the national road that leads to it is in very good condition (recently rebuilt). The property is outside the town and does not need any non-pollution certificates, it is connected to the mains (the transformer station is inside the former factory), being fully operational, 1000 KW installed power.

As regards the new building permits, you can talk directly to the local authorities for all the approvals needed.


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