Investor for HVAC producers

The investor is an Australian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of energy efficient indoor environment solutions, that wants to expand in North America, Europe and the Far East.

They offer the following Products/Services:
– Heat & Energy Recovery: comprehensive energy recovery ventilators designed to reduce the outdoor air load on an air conditioning system of all sizes.
– Air Conditioners: different reverse cycle rooftop air conditioning units, ranging from 0-100% outdoor air.
– Air Handling Treatment: Designed to be used in large commercial systems and incorporates heat exchange technology to efficiently pre-condition high volumes of outdoor air.
– Humidity Control: Product range designed to provide fresh air at precise humidity and temperature control in high humidity environments.

The Buyer has provided such solutions to: Aqua centers, offices, universities, industrial facilities, fitness centers, green buildings, hotels, etc.

They are looking to acquire companies in the heating, ventilation industry, as per the below definition:
Industrial refrigeration and air conditioning is best – smaller domestic systems is not what we do and see it generally as a high competition area;
Electrical appliances no but industrial electrical components (eg switchboards) possibly;
Circuit boards no;
Retailing, wholesaling or similar a definite no.

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