On sale cattle farm with milk processing unit Romania

We are selling a cattle farm from Romania with his own factory for milk processing, in Bacau county.

The capacity of the farm is of 250 animals, but now there are only 120 animals in the farm, 60 of them producing milk.

The farm has:
– 350000 sqm of land
– 2 stalls
– milking station 4×2 with a tank of 2200 litres
– 3 scrapers for stalls cleaning
– sewage collection tanks with capacity of 100 tons
– silo with a capacity of 1500 tons
– 7 lakes, 3 of the populated with fish
– house with 1000 sqm surface and a helioport on the roof

The milk processing unit started to functioning in 2013, has a capacity of processing of 30 tons of milk daily, and can do a very large pallet of milk derived products.
The land of the factory has a surface of 4000 sqm, from this 1800 sqm are built.

The TP has a power of 150 KW.

PRICE: 3.500.000 EUR

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