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There is a large discussion when talking about a plant sale. These units are quite large and they can not be sold like you are selling a pair of shoes. This industry requires a lot of attentions and a sell like that means a really big deal, for anyone involved in the process.

A lot of our customers had asked us if these plants are really selling good on the profile market. Some of them asked us if in Romania this chapter isn’t a closed one. For us those questions are just simple worries coming from people who are not sufficiently informed regarding this segment of market.

The industrial segments in Romania can be divided like this: wire manufacturers, aluminium, copper, titanium, zinc, ferroalloys, lead, steel plants etc. There are a lot of representative firm in the plant area, and from all of them we can mention: Alro Slatina, Alumil, Cord Buzau, Simteron Cluj Napoca, Trefo Galati, Alum Tulcea, Grantmetal Bucharest, Silcotub, Laminorul Braila, TMK Resita, Otelinox Targoviste, Tubinox Bucharest, and the list may continue, due to the fact that there are a lot of these industrial plants that are helping the country to develop.

Maybe you already noticed that we haven’t mention a really big name, one that anyone knows, besides its history. If you figure it out we are talking about the ex- Sidex Galati, today Acellor Mittal Galati. This is the perfect example, or well said, the best answer for the people who are wondering if such plants can be bought or sold even in Romania.

In this case, some foreign investors have seen the potential of this plant, and decided to invest in order to make the company stronger and for making it more profitable. This company had passed from a situation to another, becoming what it is today only with a lot of efforts from all the involved sides. A lot of issues had been resolved in time, a lot of debts had been payed along the way, and the investors had come with really good marketing strategies, that made the company the vital one that it is today.

This is the result of long term negotiation carried between Romania and the European Union, when the European states were asking for the stopping of the releasing of founds to this company by the Romanian state. After being bought by the investors, the surprise was enormous. The sales increased, leading to a pretty good profit even from the first years.

Well, we can all agree that such an investment can be done. It is useless to ask our self if this kind of deals are profitable or not. They are without a doubt but it takes a lot of courage to invest money in something with this kind of importance, at these sizes.

Now, if we convinced you to give it a try, you might as well look in our pages for the companies in which you might want to invest, at least a part of your money. We have given you the information, so that you can make the best decision for your well being.

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